The journalist as a “shady operative” in Graham Greene’s novels

An essay - by Mirianna la Grasta Journalists have often been at the heart of Graham Greene's fictional world. The author - whom Norman Sherry remembers as one of the biggest expressions of the 20th century literature (Monda) - was a journalist himself. He started out in 1925 with the Nottingham Journal and then moved... Continue Reading →


Caterina Soffici approda a Londra con il suo primo romanzo: “Nessuno può fermarmi” – L’ItaloEuropeo – Independent Magazine in London

Londra – Mirianna la Grasta Caterina Soffici, giornalista italiana a Londra – Il Fatto Quotidiano, Vanity Fair, il Venerdì di Repubblica – sarà negli studi di London One Radio domani, 8 Maggio 2017, ore 16,30, per presentare in anteprima UK il suo primo romanzo: “Nessuno può fermarmi”. L’autrice sarà inoltre ospite presso l’Istituto Italiano di... Continue Reading →

Were poets more honest chroniclers of the Great War than war correspondents?

An essay - by Mirianna la Grasta The Great War, best known as the First World War, was an unprecedented conflict in terms of length, weapons and casualties. It started in 1914 and ended in November 1918 leaving the United Kingdom triumphant on the one hand, but profoundly wounded on the other. As a deadly... Continue Reading →

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