A Ciambra review – the untold human tale in its own raw language

Jonas Carpignano's innovative take on the coming-of-age genre follows the life of Pio in a Gypsy community of southern Italy. By Mirianna la Grasta


Were poets more honest chroniclers of the Great War than war correspondents?

An essay - by Mirianna la Grasta The Great War, best known as the First World War, was an unprecedented conflict in terms of length, weapons and casualties. It started in 1914 and ended in November 1918 leaving the United Kingdom triumphant on the one hand, but profoundly wounded on the other. As a deadly... Continue Reading →

Four Bright Hands — L’ItaloEuropeo – Independent Magazine in London

Have a read to my new feature on the Apulian artist Rosa Iacobone - Mirianna la Grasta written by Mirianna la Grasta Walking through Carnaby Street is a tiny Italian woman. Her meticulous and curious gaze stops on every single detail in the street. “You know what?” she wonders, “London is better than Paris, I feel... Continue Reading →

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